Electronic Board Development Management System

SynchroSpace is the electronic board development management system to reduce board development cost, time and error

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Electronic Library Management System

- Library Standardization and Sharing
- Manage the library connecting with part information
- On-line Library Management Workflow
- Synchronize the part information in real time with backbone system (PLM, ERP)
- CAE Model, Block, Cable, Mechanic Library Management (Available by SI)



Electronic Design Management System

- On-line Design Workflow
- Automatic Design Data Management according to Workflow
- Data Management of Layer Structure Design
- Design Revision Management



Electronic BOM Management System

- Automatically create live electronic BOM
- BOM Editor
- BOM comparison and calculation function
- Automatic creation of variant BOM



Electronic Verification Management System

- Verification Automation
- Manage the verification rule and result
- Connect with PollEX DFx Tool of Polliwog
- Connectible with other Electronic Verification Tool (Available by SI)
- Manage the automatic mechanic verification (Available by SI)



Firmware Management System

- On-line Firmware Management Workflow
- Manage Firmware connecting PBA and parts
- Check the information of the board where Firmware is loaded
- Recycle the similar Firmware

Part Registration

SynchroSpacePart Registration

Electronic Part Registration Management System

- Standardization and Sharing of Electronic Parts
- Management of electric properties of Electronic parts
- Creation of Electronic Part Code
- Workflow of On-line Electronic Parts Registration Management

part Certification

SynchroSpacePart Certification

Electronic Part Certification Management System

- Quality Stabilization of Electronic Parts
- Manage the Purchase Properties of Electronic Parts
- Manage the Quality Properties of Electronic Parts
- Workflow of On-line Electronic Parts Certification Management

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